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This is the first time I’ve viewed the statistics of my blog, and there are interesting data that I want to share:


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Hurricane Ike


Two Galaxies

Galaxies Put on a Light Show

HT: Hubble Site

Saturn Again

Cassini-Huygens. Mission Accomplished. The good news is, this spacecraft studying Saturn and its moons is still going and going strong. Take a look at the Titan 45 Flyby.

More of Saturn at NASA

Moons racing

THEMIS and Auroras

Auroras or known as the Northern lights, visible in North America, are fascinating colorful weather phenomena. Called substorms, these are solar energy that interact with the earth’s weather system, thus resulting in those beautiful auroras. NASA’s THEMIS Mission (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms) has made important discoveries regarding this weather phenomenon.

You can watch an animation of the solar energy’s interaction with the earth’s environment below.

Try the THEMIS Animation Page (18 MB)


In Japanese, kibo means hope. After a picture perfect blast-off last Saturday, the space shuttle Discovery is set to deliver the Japanese contribution to the International Space Station. The Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) will be used for its research capabilities in space. (Photos courtesy of NASA)


Dubbed as Yeti the Phoenix Mars Lander makes an impression on Mars’ surface. Look at the foot-like mark on the soil surface.

Martian soil in color

NASA’s Phoenix Site

Phoenix Mars Lander

Hooray to NASA for the successful launching and landing of the Phoenix Mars Lander on the northern polar region of the red planet. Since its launch last August 4, 2007, Phoenix made a landing on Mars (like shooting an arrow around the world and still hitting the target) after nearly nine months of travel.

Since its landing, these are some of the photos (NASA) sent by the lander:

Extent of the Earthquake

A satellite view of the landslides that hit the quake area in Sichuan: (BBC News)

Left photo: river blocked by landslides (brown color)