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Spurgeon on the Church

The church is not perfect, but woe to the man who finds pleasure in pointing out her imperfections. Christ loved his church, and let us do the same. I have no doubt that the Lord can see more fault in his church than I can; and I have equal confidence that he sees no fault at all. Because he covers her faults with his own love—that love which covers a multitude of sins; and he removes all her defilement with that precious blood which washes away all the transgressions of his people.

I have known persons join the church, and after they have been a little while in it, they have said, “There is no love there.” Now, when a brother says, “There is no love there,” I know that he has been looking in the mirror, and that his own reflection has suggested the remark.


Preaching Distractions

Having read this blog entry from Dr. Rainer, “Eight Most Frequent Preaching Distractions” I guess we might have our own list, too. Share your thoughts.

Some distractions worth mentioning:

1. People walking around.

2. People talking to each other.

3. People looking at their watches.

4. People yawning….

My own list:

People cutting their fingernails.

People not participating in the singing.

Pensées for the Pastor

“Things I’ve Learned Along the Way…” is rightly the way for thinking through pastoral ministry. A blog by H. B. Charles, Jr., HCB2 is helpful as we think through ministries in the Chinese-Filipino church.

Here are a sampling of his thoughts:

2. Sheep bite.

3. Faithful preaching does not guarantee church growth.

12. Preaching can get you into trouble. And preaching can get you out of trouble.

24. There are no better minds, only better libraries.

55. Every pastor needs a pastor.

69. Write everything down. Your memory is not that good.

You should read on, the list is up to #103.



“How does the church plant die to self? The church plant dies to self by refusing to be discouraged by small numbers. It refuses to give up when the funds are low and instead seeks help from sister churches that are more established. It forgoes its desire for a nice, large building, choosing instead to meet in less-than-ideal quarters, even though each time it gathers the members have to set up chairs for the worship service again. The church plant dies to self as it refuses to promote itself, choosing instead to proclaim Christ to a lost and dying world.”

by Vos, Brian, “The Fruitful Grain of wheat” in Planting, Watering, Growing, 14.

Conflicts in the Church

“Church conflict escalates when we look to the church to meet our felt needs and something happens to disappoint us. For example, a common cause of conflict in the church involves the mind-set many people have that church is like a cruise ship. When we have this view of the body of Christ, we expect everything in the church to be conveniently tailored to our wants and desires. Our expectation is that we will be served, cared for, and entertained by professionals whose sole focus is our happiness. Of course, this misguided mind-set leads us to view people in the church as resources for our comfort rather than valuable members of one body who both need us and are needed by us. As a result, we neither love nor serve them well. In fact, when our expectations are disappointed, we engage in destructive gossip, criticism, and bickering. Instead of keeping careful confidences and protecting members, we often speak ill of others. Church conflict–a terrible witness to the watching world–is the frequent result.”

— Barthel, Tara Klena and Judy Dabler. Peacemaking Women (baker Books, 2005), 209-10.

Well said.