Currently Reading

These are the books that are currently on my reading list:

I just got two books from the series “The Gospel According to the Old Testament.” I have started reading David R. Jackson’s The Gospel According to Job: Crying Out for Vindication. To follow soon is the Gospel According to David: After God’s Own Heart by Mark J. Boda.

Chosen for Life: The Case for Divine Election by C. Samuel Storms. This edition is a revision and an expansion of the 1987 book.

Calvin and the Rhetoric of Piety by Serene Jones. This is a series from Columbia Theological Seminary in Reformed Theology.

Esther and Ruth by Iain Duguid. I am totally enjoying this book, taking it as what the author describes as “satire.” He says Esther is “meant to make us laugh.”

Two books on counseling: Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology by Ed Bulkley and How Christian is Christian Counseling? by Gary Almy.

Heavier (literally) books, I am still trudging along albeit slowly Reformed Dogmatics: Sin and Salvation in Christ by Herman Bavinck.


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  1. Jovy on

    Hello Rev. Yam. This is Luke. It is the first time I’ve been here. So many books…

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