A great sinner who was elected by the sovereign grace of God–and saved through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am really interested in the Reformed tradition and theology:

sola fide

sola gratia

solus Christus

sola scriptura

soli Deo gloria

These solas are expounded in the Cambridge Declaration by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

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  1. Hedonese on

    Great blog. Keep writing for the glory of god

  2. sola gratia on

    Thank you for visiting, do come back from time to time to give more comments.

  3. paulandico on

    hello reverend Yam, kumusta?

  4. Dennis Yam on

    Very good. I am glad to read of your new blog.

  5. Mary Ann on

    i’m looking forward to your articles to be posted here. Praise the Lord for technology and how it can be use for His glory!

  6. Jovy on

    Haha! You know what I mean…
    Praise the Lord!!!

    • Jovy on

      Hey, my name’s here.. But it’s Luke’s comment.. i wonder why? Hehe. 🙂
      More posts, Boksu. 🙂
      Soli Deo gloria. 🙂

      • Dennis Yam on

        Don’t you know he’s an expert IT person?

  7. Celia Wu on

    Finally, I am here. hehe

  8. David Dragon on

    hai!!! Boksu!! this is really a good blog.i love it,course i can read lots of good books here. thank you!!

    • dennisyam on

      Join the giveaway. You might get a gospel-driven, biblical book.

  9. […] Supper. As I am as yet unordained, we are blessed to have my former seminary professor, Rev. Dennis Yam, come and preach to us on those Sundays and also to administer the sacrament of the Lord’s […]

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