A Treatise on True Theology

Table of Contents:

Translator’s Preface

The Life of Franciscus Junius
The Life of Franciscus Junius
The Death of Master Franciscus Junius

A Treatise on True Theology
Thirty-Nine Theses Are Demonstrated in this Treatise

1. Whether True Theology Exists
2. What Theology Is
3. How Many Parts Theology Contains
4. Archetypal Theology
5. What Ectypal Theology Is, and in How Many Parts It Consists
6. The Theology of Union in Christ
7. The Theology of Vision in the Heavens
8. The Theology of Revelation in This Life
9. In How Many Parts the Mode of Communicating Theology Exists
10. Natural Theology
11. Supernatural Theology
12. What Theology Stated Absolutely Is
13. The Material Cause of Our Theology
14. The Formal Cause of Our Theology
15. The Efficient Cause of Our Theology
16. The End of Our Theology
17. Theology in the Subject
18. The Conclusion of the Work


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