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Quarter Moon

Photos taken with a Canon PowerShot



ISO 400


















Moon Rising

This is my first attempt at moon photography.


Hurricane Ike


Two Galaxies

Galaxies Put on a Light Show

HT: Hubble Site


In Japanese, kibo means hope. After a picture perfect blast-off last Saturday, the space shuttle Discovery is set to deliver the Japanese contribution to the International Space Station. The Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) will be used for its research capabilities in space. (Photos courtesy of NASA)

Legazpi Visit

We just came back from a short visit to Legazpi City in Albay province. That is where Mayon volcano is situated, rising majestically at 2,460 meters. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, yet arguably the most beautiful with its symmetrical cone. In a word, breathless.

Anyway, we had a great opportunity to minister to some church members from UECL: Friday BS and the English Worship Service.

Introducing Fu Long

Catch a glimpse of Fu Long (Lucky Dragon), a five-month old panda in Vienna, Austria. He’s a cutie, isn’t he?

Fu Long

HT: FOXNews: “Panda Cub Makes Long-Awaited Debut at Vienna Zoo.”

More pictures of the “clumsy panda cub” at

Fu Long

Hall of Contemporary Reformers (2)

More contemporary reformers for you to guess.

iainmurray.gif mark-dever.gif ji_packer_small_file.gif

Hall of Contemporary Reformers

“Servants of God whom we think God has raised up to faithfully proclaim the gospel in our time, and whom the Lord is now using to preserve that silver thread of orthodoxy that has existed through the ages.”

Here are a few illustrations from Steve Hesselman: Can you guess who they are?

ferguson.gif michael-horton.gif ligon_duncan1.jpg


Introducing Zhen Zhen

We visited the San Diego Zoo last October with a friend who graciously drove us to SD from Temecula in California. Although the time spent inside the zoo was short, the tour and walk around the zoo was very educational. One of the highlights of our visit was the Giant Panda Research Station. It was exciting to be up close with the pandas–although they were sleeping at that time. Signs around the station warned us to keep silent and not to disturb them. We didn’t see the four-month old Zhen Zhen since she was two-months old then. At that time a contest was going on for naming her then. Now she is the zoo’s “show-stopper.”

Courtesy of L.A. Times:

Zhen Zhen

And from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Zhen Zhen

Zhen Zhen

More from the Union-Tribune gallery.