Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World by Michael S. Horton ordinary Endorsements:

“I am tempted to say that this is no ordinary book. In a culture that rhapsodizes over every achievement and idolizes many of those who stand out, it is easy for the church to drink from the same intoxicating elixir and swoon over gifted exceptions. How refreshing to read a book that tries to locate spiritual and theological maturity in ordinary faith and obedience, in ordinary relationships, in ordinary service, in ordinary pastors. Michael Horton does not mean to depreciate believers with exceptional gifts, but he rightly warns us against erecting shrines to them — shrines that blind us to the glory of the gospel worked out in the faithful discipleship of ‘ordinary’ Christian living, shrines that make us forget we serve a God who will not give his glory to another. That we need a book like this is more than a little sad; the book that addresses the problem wisely and well is, frankly, extraordinary.” — D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. “Michael Horton’s Ordinary is, well, extraordinary. It can be described in many ways, and one is this: a call to love God and neighbor in freedom and grace, in the neighborhood you already inhabit, with the gifts and talents (and weaknesses!) you already pos- sess. Spiritual heroes need not apply.” — Mark Galli, Editor, Christianity Today “In an age of ‘radicals’ always promising us the next best thing, Michael Horton wisely and winsomely points us to God’s faithful- ness in the ordinary means of grace. In an era where everyone seems to have a nonprofit start-up that aims to the change the world, Hor- ton reminds us of the joy found in ordinary, oft-unnoticed congre- gations where the Spirit dwells. In an age where everyone seems to be writing their memoir, Horton shows us that God delights in lives that quietly but faithfully care for lost souls. Forget ‘the next best thing’; God is at work in small, good things.” —James K. A. Smith, Gary & Henrietta Byker Chair in Applied Reformed Theology & Worldview, Calvin College


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