Galatians For You

For Reading, For Feeding, For Leading by Tim Keller9781908762573m

This volume on Galatians is part of the series from the Good Book Company, called God’s Word For You. It does not only look promising but intentionally gospel-centered. According to the series editor, Carl Laferton, the aim of each volume is to be: Bible centered, Christ glorifying, relevantly applied and easily readable.

As I read chapter one, I was immediately immersed in the issue that confronts the Gospel. The Gospel is truly unique and that is the reason for Paul’s being enraged by the desertion of the Galatian believers. Another subtitle of this chapter focuses on “Gospel Revision = Gospel Reversal.” Keller warns against losing the gospel. He says, “in some churches, it is implicitly or explicitly taught that you are saved through your ‘surrender’ to Christ, plus right beliefs, and behavior…. In other churches, it is taught that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you are a loving  and good person.” (p. 19)

This is recommended reading and studying for individual or group.

Published February 2013.


4 comments so far

  1. elmer h on

    For me boksu? thanks u. haha
    sana kasama sa raffle. 😛 nice book and cover too.

    • Dennis on

      You can get my copy 🙂

      • elmer h on

        woah, seriously? borrow or give? hahaha peace.

  2. Dennis on

    At a sale price, pwede…

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