More Gospel

The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson, April 2012.

We can never get enough of the Gospel. This book is a great contribution to the notion of gospel-driven life, gospel-centered hermeneutics, gospel-centered biblical theology. We really the the message of the Gospel as well we need to proclaim it.

An excerpt from Wilson:

The Gospel in the Air

In the beginning, we start with God’s proclamation. God is more interested in declaring than in explaining. In the matter of the creation of the world, the Bible is historical and revelational–it is more interested in telling us what happened and why than it is how. God’s Word is as clear as God wants it to be about where the world came from (the imagination of God) and why it came to be (to reflect his glory), and its addressing of how the world came to be amounts to this: God speaks. (p. 101)



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