Transforming Power of the Gospel

by Jerry Bridges


“Jerry Bridges loves the gospel and wants us to love it too, knowing that as the grace of God captures our hearts, it transforms our lives. As impossible and contradictory as it may seem, grace leads to godliness. I have learned so much of this gospel motivation from Jerry Bridges through the years, and I praise God for this new book that expresses the power of the gospel with such tender and compelling love for Christ.”

– Dr. Bryan Chappell, president, Covenant Seminary; author of Holiness by Grace

“Jerry Bridges encourages God’s people because he writes as one who is constantly discovering and delighting in the deep riches of the gospel. In this book, we hear of not just God’s holiness but also His majestic mercy and the transforming power of His grace. Here, in accessible form, is an overview of the Christian life framed in terms of the completed work of Christ, the empowering presence of the Spirit, and the real call of the believer to respond not in fear but in freedom.”

– Dr. Kelly K. Kapic, professor of theological studies, Covenant College; author of Communion with God: The Divine and the Human in the Theology of John Owen

“In this book, Jerry Bridges does what he does best: teaches us how to think rightly about holiness and spiritual formation. He starts and ends with the gospel so that through it we learn of both our need for holiness and the way by which we are conformed to the image of Christ. As always, Jerry takes this foundation of right thinking to application, clearly laying out how we are to go about living holy lives. Because of his sincere devotion to the study of Scripture and holy living, there is no one today more trustworthy to read on this subject than Jerry.”

– Rev. William Vogler, pastor, Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Lawrence, Kansas; moderator of the 27th General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

“Jerry Bridges has marvelously, attractively, and clearly communicated in this informative and inspirational treatise that God’s saving grace in Christ invites us to come just as we are. This book should be not only read and absorbed personally but also used to share with others as an excellent instrument of life-changing disciple-making.” – Harry L. Reeder III, pastor and teacher, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

“Jerry Bridges tells us what we must never forget: God’s ultimate purpose for His people is to conform them to the image of His Son. Combining his characteristic brevity and lucidity, Bridges reminds us why it matters and how it is accomplished.”

– Alistair Begg, pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

“If you cut Jerry Bridges, he bleeds Bible. In a day when there is so much confusion about grace, Jerry shows how a true understanding of grace is the only sure foundation for spiritual transformation. This book is essential reading for those who want to know how to pursue holiness and live by grace without resorting to legalistic self-effort. As a pastor, this is the book I want my people to read in order to get a biblical view of how to grow in holiness and joy.”

– Rev. Mark Bates, senior pastor, Village Seven Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Jerry Bridges gets the gospel. He knows how it transforms unbeliever and believer alike, and his life mission is to ensure that we know it as well. This book is Bridges’ latest installment exalting in a gospel that is both glorious and profoundly functional for everyday life. I’m grateful he’s given us this gift, and I’m eager to pass it on to friends and family to encourage them.”

– Dave Harvey, author of Rescuing Ambition; church planter, Sovereign Grace Ministries


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