Jesus + Nothing = Everything

by Tullian Tchividjian (


“In an evangelical culture where so many of us are unaware that the gospel isn’t just what we believe to save us but also what sustains us and carries us into maturity, this book hammers home the gospel’s power for the believer. Whether you have been in church your whole life or recently converted, this book will fuel your affections for our great God and King.”

– Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church, Highland Village, Texas; author, The Explicit Gospel

“There’s loads of talk about the gospel these days. Some people think that talking about the gospel is ‘trendy’ and that after a while we’ll all calm down and get over it. Oh, I hope not. I hope that the gospel and the desire to move further into the gospel will grow and grow until it transforms our sin-wearied, unbelieving, moralistic, forgetful hearts and sets us aflame for Jesus. Jesus + Nothing = Everything will remind you of the ancient yet ever-fresh truth that everything we need is found in the perfections of Christ—not in ourselves, not in our reputation, our relationships or wealth or accomplishments—in Christ alone. If you’ve never rested in the finished work of Christ this book is for you. If you’ve rested in it for decades like I have, this book is for you, too. Why? Because we forget; And, although we love Jesus, we’re blind to the ways in which his work connects to our daily lives and we wonder why joy and zeal are foreign concepts to us. Buy this book. Read it. It will help you push deeper into the gospel and push the gospel message more deeply into every corner of your life. Tullian Tchividjian understands like few others how the gospel shines like a beacon of hope in times of despair. Listen to him, he’ll help you love the Savior more.”

– Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, counselor; speaker; author, Because He Loves Me and Comforts from the Cross

“Tullian Tchividjian writes like he preaches, as a man consumed with Jesus and the life-giving power of God’s grace. The message of the gospel changes everything and everyone who embraces it. This book reminds us that Jesus is not only all we need—He is all we want!”

– Jack Graham, pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church; former President, Southern Baptist Convention

“It’s so easy to forget what the Christian faith is about. We too often tell and believe religious lies that drive us to despair. I visit that dark place often because I’ve been doing this religious thing for so long, have struggled so much, worked so hard, and failed so often that I fear I’m becoming a cynical old preacher. Jesus + Nothing = Everything is cold, clear, refreshing water to a thirsty preacher and a dry church. If you read only one book this year, read this book. If you give a book to anybody this year, give this book. If you yearn for awakening in the church, underline this book and share what you’ve learned. Then, with me, you’ll ‘rise up and call its author blessed.’ But more than that, you’ll glorify the God who loves us this much.”

– Steve Brown, professor emeritus, Reformed Seminary, Orlando; author; radio teacher, Key Life

“Many Christians today assume that the gospel just has to do with conversion, for way back when they first came to faith. They have lost the sense, well known to Christians of the past, that the gospel is for every moment of their lives. As a result, they often fall into a moralism that can be, as this book shows, just as idolatrous, self-focused, and godless as immorality. This book shows how the good news of free forgiveness in the cross of Jesus Christ is the driving energy that makes the Christian life possible. Pastor Tchividjian tells about how he himself discovered the full magnitude of God’s grace in the midst of difficult times in his own ministry. He does so in a way that will bring relief, exhilaration, and freedom to struggling Christians.”

– Gene Edward Veith Jr., provost, professor of Literature, Patrick Henry College; director, Cranach Institute, Concordia Theological Seminary; columnist; author

“Tullian Tchividjian knows, by biblical study and personal experience, that the greatest dangers to the church exist inside the church not outside and the greatest of these dangers is the subtle, deceptive, and seductive self-reliance and self-sufficiency of legalism. Perhaps the greatest contribution of this book is its page after page plea to the church not to be afraid of the glorious provisions and freedoms of the grace of Jesus.”

– Paul Tripp, President, Paul Tripp Ministries; author, What Did You Expect?: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

“In a powerful, concise, and popular style, Tchividjian announces, explicates, defends, and contrasts the gratuitous gospel of Christ’s person and work with the oft-misheld conviction of us sinners that, if we are somehow to be justified, it will have to be a matter of ‘making up for’ our offenses and of inward improvement. Chapter-by-chapter he argues that God’s saving plan is one of grace and not one of improvement. Filled with illustrations from his life as a pastor, this is no unapproachable, academic tome. But neither, thank God, is it today’s ‘Evangelical silly!’ Tchividjian wrestles openly with demons and their central lie in order that we truly ‘get’ what the Bible is really about. From every point on the compass, he contrasts ‘moral renovation’ with a free, one-sided rescue drenched in the blood of Jesus. Good news for everyone—but especially for Christians who are worn out by trying the other way, believing the lie, somehow knowing renovation isn’t working but knowing nowhere else to turn. Tchividjian is out to convince his reader that justification before God really is pure gift, is free, is by grace and through faith in Christ. . . sola!”

– Rod Rosenbladt, professor of theology, Concordia University

“I had the privilege of watching this book be written well before the ink kissed the first page. That’s why Tullian’s title, Jesus + Nothing = Everything, couldn’t be farther from cliché or formula to me. Providentially, my brother was called into an ecclesiastical whirlwind that soon became a gospel birthing room. The result hasn’t been just a faithful and fresh exposition of Colossians, but a pastor and church daring to take the gospel of God’s grace as seriously as possible. This is a great read, but an even greater story.”

– Scotty Smith, Pastor for Preaching, Teaching, and Worship, Christ Community Church, Franklin, Tennessee

“In Jesus + Nothing = Everything we get more than the gospel—the joyful gospel. Tullian not only apprehends aright the goodness of the good news, but also communicates it with a passion that is infectious.”

– Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor, Christianity Today

“My friend Tullian is a loser. So am I. If we’re honest, all of us fit that description, but the good news is that Christ came for people like us. We qualify! Under the rubric of ‘Jesus plus nothing equals everything,’ this accessible yet astonishingly profound book rearranges the furniture. If you’re looking for hope instead of hype, please read this book.”

– Michael S. Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“There is no one who better articulates the absolute distinctiveness of the gospel from religion than Tullian Tchvidjian. This book is filled with new insight and fresh inspiration on the oldest and most central doctrine of the church.”

– J. D. Greear, Senior Pastor, The Summit Church, Durham, North Carolina


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