The Preacher and Preaching

Reviving the Art edited by Samuel T. Logan is available again in paperback just recently released.

Table of Contents

J. I. Packer—Why Preach?


Joel Nederhood — The Minister’s Call

Erroll Hulse — The Preacher and Piety

James Montgomery Boice — The Preacher and Scholarship

R. C. Sproul — The Whole Man


Samuel T. Logan Jr. — The Phenomenology of Preaching

Edmund P. Clowney — Preaching Christ From All the Scriptures

Sinclair B. Ferguson — Exegesis

Hendrik Krabbendam — Hermeneutics and Preaching

Donald Macleod — Preaching and Systematic Theology

Glen C. Knecht — Sermon Structure and Flow

Lester De Koster — The Preacher as Rhetorician

John F. Bettler — Application

Jay E. Adams — Sense Appeal and Storytelling


Geoffrey Thomas — Powerful Preaching

J. Peter Vosteen — Pastoral Preaching

David A. Dombek — Reading the Word of God Aloud

Gwyn Walters — The Body in the Pulpit Text

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