God So Loved, He Gave

Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity by Kelly M. Kapic


“To belong to one who truly loves me is bondage sweet, for true love frees its object to delight in its greatest joy – which is to please one’s lover. Such a paradox for the mind is readily deciphered by the heart and is explored with charming writing, winsome freshness and gospel zeal by the well-read Kapic. A once-common hymn declared that those who know the old, old story best long to hear it like the rest. Kapic’s book demonstrates that one who knows the gospel well can tell Jesus’ story very, very well – so well that we will delight to be owned by the One who gave himself for us.”

– Bryan Chapell, President, Covenant Theological Seminary

“The Heidelberg Catechism tells us that “It is impossible that those grafted into Christ by true faith should not bring forth fruits of thankfulness.” This book by Kelly Kapic shows why. It shows biblically and theologically anyone who grasps the nature of God and of his gospel will live a life poured out in acts of generosity, especially to the poorest and most needy. I’m glad to recommend it.”

– Tim Keller, Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

“God So Loved, He gave us an amazing book. In it Kelly Kapic deftly moves from our being recipients of all God’s generous gifts through Christ to our being stewards of God’s gifts as we share them with others. This book is both encouraging and challenging. It should be read attentively and prayerfully.”

– Jerry Bridges, Author, The Pursuit of Holiness

“In this book Kelly Kapic uses his considerable wisdom and skill to unpack the story of God’s generosity and what it means to belong to and follow a generous God. At stake is nothing less than what it means to follow Christ faithfully in today’s world. Kapic is a clear communicator who cherishes Christ, cares for the church, and conducts all the right conversations across the fields of biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, and practical theology. The result is a rare combination-a robust, warm-hearted, accessible book that glories our generous Triune God and will instruct and inspire readers throughout the church.”

– Justin Taylor, Managing Editor, ESV Study Bible

“God so Loved, He Gave: Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity, is a must read. Jesus himself said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Entering the movement of divine generosity is what we all ought to be concerned about. This book is a great book; it is beautifully written, practical, helpful, and biblically sound. I encourage all Christians, particularly those seeking to experience the blessings that come out of generosity, to read this book. The blessings we receive from generosity are not limited to strictly financial blessings, but often are the blessings of love and encouragement that we get from sharing our lives with others. These blessings are more precious than silver and gold.”

– John Perkins, Founder and President, Christian Community Development Association of the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation

“God So Loved, He Gave is an eye-opening exploration of the boundless dimensions of God’s heart for the world. Simultaneously it raises the bar for how God’s image bearers join him in big-hearted, open-handed, selfless generosity of our resources and of ourselves to the world he loves. Kelly Kapic has gifted us with a thought provoking, deeply needed vision of our calling to gospel-living.”

– Carolyn Custis James, Author, Half the Church

“Here is a rich portrayal of redemption! In God So Loved, He Gave we are challenged to don the familiar story of salvation as a vestment more precious than the king’s crown jewels. As we robe ourselves we take delight in the story’s often surprising and baffling, but always precious, truths. Sparkling quotes enliven each chapter.”

– Bruce Waltke, Author, An Old Testament Theology

“This fine book is an elegant portrayal of a marvelously generous God, who calls his people to show forth his generosity in a world that he sent his Son to redeem.”

– Richard J. Mouw, President and Professor, Christian Philosophy

“Many books today address the practical questions of stewardship and generosity. But few do this while making the crucial connection between the gospel and giving. I highly recommend God So Loved, He Gave for every recipient of God’s grace who desires to become a participant in divine generosity.”

– Howard Dayton, Founder, Compass-Finances God’s Way

“Our cultural environment seems to assume a world as a given rather than a gift, debt rather than exchange, limited resources rather than “enough to go around.” How refreshing it is to step into the world of the Triune God, who not only gives it all but creates a new society that anticipates his everlasting shalom. Kapic leads us into the breathtaking vistas of this new creation, with beauty and wisdom. This book itself is a welcome gift to Christ’s body.”

– Michael Horton, Professor, Systematic Theology and Apologetics Westminster Seminary California

“God So Loved, He Gave is a work of rare theological and spiritual perceptiveness. As it conducts its readers through the movement of God’s ways with the world, it invites them to contemplate the divine works and to be formed in godliness by them. This is practical Christian divinity at its best: intellectually astute, humane, and animated by the gospel’s generosity.”

– John Webster, Professor, King’s College, University of Aberdeen Scotland


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