Pictures of Christ

Why we do not need images of Christ, a quote from Daniel R. Hyde:

Seeing God in the face of Jesus Christ is one of the blessings of that consummate redemption for which we hope. It is what ancient Christian theologians called the “beatific vision” (visio beatifica). It was the hope of the saints in both the Old and New Testaments….

The Christian life is about hoping for what we will receive, or, rather, who will receive us! The beatific vision is that most blessed vision of God that we do not see–yet!….

The “blessed hope,” this “beatific vision,” is to see our Husband, to whom we are now engaged (an arranged marriage if you will), on the day of consummation. This age between Christ’s two advents is the age of faith, of hope, and of love…. VanDrunen spoke of this passage [John 16:16] and its implications for images, saying, “The age of the Spirit is an age of Christ’s presence, to be followed by his reappearance.” For this reason, the hopeful, patient, pilgrim people of God must not “move the eschatological clock ahead of schedule.”

In Living Color, 66-69


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