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The Letter to the Hebrews by O’Brien, Peter T.


“It would be difficult to find a more helpful guide than Peter O’Brien or a guide better endowed with his combination of competence and genial wisdom.”

– D. A. Carson (from editor’s preface)

“Peter O’Brien has produced an engaging new commentary on Hebrews that will be of particular benefit to preachers, teachers, and students. Using insights from discourse analysis, he explains how shifts in the argument take place and clarifies the way exposition and exhortation function together to achieve the author’s aim. Although there are detailed discussions of technical matters at critical points, these do not disturb the flow of the commentary”

– David Peterson, Moore Theological College

“O’Brien’s commentary on the letter to the Hebrews is a balanced and comprehensive assessment of current work on the epistle, other with many fresh insights. the text of the commentary is clear, both in detail and in its general structure . . . I cannot commend this work too highly.”

– Paul Ellingworth, University of Aberdeen

“For careful scholarship and clear thinking there are very few commentary writers I respect more than Peter O’Brien, and his commentary on Hebrews does not disappoint. Masterfully interfacing with recent scholarship, O’Brien time and again plunges into the discussion of difficult passages with spot-on exegesis, lucidly explaining both the intent and the implications of the author’s words. Due to a noticeable upturn in Hebrews research over the past two decades, the church has been blessed with many fine commentaries on this most enigmatic of New Testament books. Yet pastors are sure to embrace this particular commentary as a theologically rich, consistently edifying, and singularly useful. I gladly recommend it.”

– George Guthrie, Union University


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