God Moves in a Mysterious Way

You will agree that this title sounds like a terrific novel. But be not deceived, it is an exposition of one of the greatest story of redemption in the Bible: the book of Ruth. This book, authored by a good friend, Robinson Chu, will help you to see God’s redemptive plan as he unfolds it in the lives of ordinary people.

A superb book like this can be owned for only Php200. That alone is more than your money’s worth.

The author divides the book in the following chapters:

1. God’s Sovereign Providence

2. God’s Gracious Providence

3. The Immanent Character of the Providence of God

4. The Loving Kindness of the Providence of God

5. God Provides Hope and Rest

6. The Kinsman Redeemer

7. God’s Provision and Human Responsibility

8. God Provides Freedom

9. God Provides a Redeemer

10. The Story of Redemption


4 comments so far

  1. M on

    No preview of the cover of the book? =)

    • dennisyam on

      I still have to scan it. Sorry.

      • uecmcf on

        Wow its a great book! Thanks for sharing this to us.

      • dennisyam on

        The chapter on Ruth’s freedom is excellent. I recommend the youth to read the application for courtship and marriage.

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