Reformation Day 2009

Halloween parties, All Saints’ Day celebration or remembering the day when we have come to grasp the theology of justification by faith alone. Here at the seminary, Reformation Day will be like many of the years in the past–silent and uneventful.

The notion that God in Christ has justly declared a condemned sinner a righteous person is losing its appeal in a very quick manner. Very few churches teach sola fide anymore–much more understand its biblical meaning. Our many Christian brothers and sisters do not even care about it anymore. Dialogues with Roman Catholic theologians on justification have shown that the sola aspect has lost its hold on evangelical theology.

So where do we stand today? Can we echo Luther’s words again by saying, “Here I stand!” Or the follow the Allince of Confessing Evangelicals and declare, “Here We Stand!”

Happy Reformation Day!


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  1. time2stand on

    I agree, I rather think of Halloween as Reformation Day, but in all actuality, Luther only wanted to change the Catholic church a little bit, he hated Jews and helped in the killing of the Anabaptist. I have a hard time giving Luther too much credit, although, I will say, someone had to initiate a movement against the priests and works of a very demonic church. God bless and stay strong. In Christ Jesus,
    Jeremy Strang

  2. sola gratia on

    You are correct to recognize that Luther cannot take all the credit for the Reformation. Yet in whatsoever weakness he had, this he saw in himself–simul iustus et peccator. None of the reformers like Calvin, Zwingli, etc. were perfect people but sinners in need of God’s grace. And we take this opportunity to honor their work and sacrifice.

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