PIllar NT Commentaries

The Acts of the Apostles by Peterson, David G.


“Here in one convenient volume is the basic introductory information and verse-by verse exegesis that New Testament students and preachers need in order to understand the second part of Luke’s account of Christian beginnings. This commentary is noteworthy for its incorporation of a full essay in the theology of Acts and its careful attention to theological issues in the course of the exposition; at the same time it does not neglect historical and literary matters. I warmly commend this useful tool for study.”

– I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen

”David Peterson interacts with Acts scholarship fairly and in an up-to-date wat; his literary and historical conclusions are well informed and sound. His introduction airs issues thoroughly, yet the entire work is easy to follow. Peterson consistently engages the cohesive, larger picture and the theological message of the book.”

– Craig S. Keener Palmer Theological Seminary

”One of the most complex books in the Bible, the Acts of the Apostles presents readers with formidable historical, literary, and theological challenges. In recent decades scores of researchers have deepened our understanding of the book in each of these areas. David Peterson’s excellent exposition of Acts interacts insightfully with those studies and offers a lucid, compelling, and satisfying interpretation of the book. Like its subject, this commentary is informative, edifying, and challenging. Pastors and teachers will find it to be an invaluable guide to reading Acts with profit.”

– Brian S. Rosner, Moore Theological College and Macquarie University

The Letter to the Philippians by Walter, G. Hansen9780802837370m

“With themes and emotions so varied–thanksgiving, joy, rivalry, friendship, suffering, being with Christ, etc.–the letter to the Philippians needs a commentator with a sure grasp and a warm heart. . . . Hansen writes with admirable clarity and simplicity, even when he is unpacking notoriously complex matters. . . . This commentary is must reading for pastors, students, and scholars as they try to think Paul’s thoughts after him.”
– D. A. Carson


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