11 Theses on Suffering

As I see it, we will never fully understand why we suffer. This essay from Robert Yarbrough has brought suffering into the right perspective: “Christ and the Crocodiles, Suffering and the Goodness of God in Contemporary Perspective,” Suffering and the Goodness of God (Crossway, 2008). Here are the eleven theses that the author presents for us to ponder upon:

Thesis 1: Suffering is Neither Good nor Completely Explicable

Thesis 2: Suffering in Itself Is No Validation of Religious Truth

Thesis 3: Accounting for Suffering Is Forced upon Us by Our Times

Thesis 4: Suffering May Be a Stumbling Block to Gospel Reception

Thesis 5: Suffering Creates Teachable Moments for Gospel Reception

Thesis 6: Suffering Will Bring Glory to God in the Lives of Believers Subjected to It

Thesis 7: Suffering Is the Price of Much Fruitful Ministry

Thesis 8: Suffering Is Often the Penalty for Gospel Reception

Thesis 9: Suffering Nobly Borne Testifies to God’s Goodness

Thesis 10: Suffering Unites Us with Other Sinners We Seek to Serve

Thesis 11: Suffering Establishes True Fellowship among Christians


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  1. churchmouse on

    Hello, Dennis — Is there a link for the essay? I should like to read it in full, if possible.

    Thanks in advance! Excellent blog!

    All the best

  2. churchmouse on

    Okay — many thanks, Dennis! I’ll check it out!

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