Dr. Beeke in Manila 2

As I go over my notes, I am writing down highlights of the things that have impacted me.

Day 1 Part II

Calvin’s View of Piety is inseparable from Scriptures—it is the whole of life!

Two Areas

Theological – Calvin’s view of piety is rooted in the mystical union with Christ.

There is a double theological bond:

God-side: the Holy Spirit’s bond between the believer and Christ

Believer-side: walking by faith

There is also the notion of double cleansing: justification and sanctification

Ecclesiological – piety in the church

Believers are nourished in the church through

 the Preached Word. In the sermon there are two ministers: the external minister (pulpit) and the internal minister (the Holy Spirit)

 the Sacraments. The exercise of piety

 Psalter. The singing of the psalms: Reformed church is a “people of the psalms”

Practical Christian Living

– Prayer. Practice of faith.

– Repentance. The fruit of faith and prayer.

– Self-denial. Sacrificial dimension of piety

– Cross-bearing. Outward Christ-likeness.

– Present and future life.

– Obedience.


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