Dr. Beeke in Manila

Highlights of the conference.

Day 1 (May 4)

8:00 A.M. Being one of the earlier registrants, I had no difficulty finding my name in the list. I got my ID, program sheet and meal tickets for thetwo-day seminar. The number of attendees exceeded the limit for the conference. By this time I had met friends and pastors that I know around MM.

9:00 A.M. Session 1 started albeit a liitle late. After a warm welcome and introduction of Dr. Joel Beeke, president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, the excitement of hearing him was in the faces of the attendees.

Dr. Beeke started with the Reformation and the marrow (heartbeat) of Reformed Theology.

Is it predestination?

Is it the covenant?

is it our union with Christ?

It is the sovereignty of God — not a cold one but a warm, personal, fatherly sovereignty in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is God for all of life!

Dr. Beeke gave an exposition of the five solas of the Reformation and TULIP, likewise.

At the end of two sessions, he showed the difference between Luther’s thoughts and the rest of the Reformers’ views on the following:

The Lord’s Supper, Luther insisted on the real, physical presence of the Lord’s body.

The Use of the Law, Calvin emphasized the third use of the Law as didactic, Luther sees the second use of the Law as primary.

How to be right with God. Luther didn’t want sanctification to take the place of justification.



The resurgence of Calvinism. From Time Magazine’s article on “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now.”


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  1. dvopilgrim on

    Hi Dennis,

    Stumbled upon your blog. One of our church members took a bunch of notes. They’re here (plus a PDF file):



  2. sola gratia on

    Hello Nollie,

    Thank you for the notes — they’re great! I’m glad to see you around.

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