Devotionals for the Advent

I am following the devotionals by Bryan Chapell from Covenant Theological Seminary. Here is a sample:

Reflecting on Our Savior’s Coming

Advent is a time of eager expectation as Christians everywhere reflect on the meaning and impact of God’s great act of love toward us through the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. That the eternal Son of God himself–the second Person of the Holy Trinity–would take on human flesh and walk among his people, and that he would do this in preparation for the great sacrifice of himself that would redeem us from sin and death, is both humbling and awe-inspiring. During Advent, we not only remember and celebrate the joy of Jesus’ first coming as “Immanuel–God with us,” but we also proclaim our firm faith that he will come again in glory to redeem and restore all creation. This is joyous news indeed!

The Scripture passages we offer for this Advent season have been chosen specifically to assist you in reflecting on these profound biblical truths. Our hope is that, as you read, meditate upon, and pray over these Scriptures, you will experience renewed love for the Savior who gave himself for you, and a rekindled desire to serve and proclaim him faithfully. (Because of space limitations we often present only a representative verse or two from a passage, but I encourage you to read each selection in its entirety in your Bible.)

May the beauty of God’s Light and the power of his Word illuminate your heart and life–this Advent season and always!

Holy One and Resurrected Redeemer

Read: Psalm 16 and Job 19:23-27


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