The Practice of Confessional Subscription

Edited by David W. Hall


    Essays and Contributors (WTS contributors in bold):

  • Introduction: On the Hermeneutics of Subscription – David W. Hall
  • Biblical and Pastoral Basis for Creeds and Confessions – Robert S. Rayburn
  • Confessional Subscription Among the Sixteenth Century Reformers – Peter A. Lillback
  • Subscription in the Dutch Reformed Tradition – W. Robert Godfrey
  • Owning the Confession: Subscription in the Scottish Presbyterian Tradition – J. Ligon Duncan
  • The Context for the Adopting Act – Luder G. Whitlock, Jr.
  • The Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America – Charles Hodge
  • Subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms – George W. Knight III
  • The Samuel Hemphill Heresy Case (1735) and the Historic Method of Subscribing to the Westminster Standards – William S. Barker
  • The Doctrinal Content of the Confessions – Robert L. Dabney
  • The Case for Full Subscription – Morton H. Smith
  • A Peaceable Plea about Subscription: Toward Avoiding Future Divisions – James E. Urish
  • “Honest Subscription”: Old Princeton Seminary and Subscription to the Westminster Standards – David B. Calhoun
  • Creed Subscription in the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.John Murray
  • Re-examining the Re-examiners of the Adoption Act – David W. Hall
  • The Church’s Power: Its Relation to Subscription – T. David Gordon
  • Confidence in Our Brethren: Creedal Subscription in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church – John R. Muether
  • Practical Benefits and Dangers of Subscriptions – L. Roy Taylor
  • Bibliography – James E. Urish & David W. Hall

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