World-Proof Your Kids

Children Unstained by the World by Timothy and Tuth Sisemore


Tim Sizemore explores the implications of “pure and undefiled religion” (James 1:27) for the parenting task. This is done through extended discussions of the fruit of the Spirit as listed in Galatians 5. The premise is that the “negative” goal of being “unstained by the world” is only accomplished in conjunction with the “positive” goal of being filled with the Spirit. Each chapter deals with one type of Spiritual fruit. First, he discusses ways that our culture tends to encourage the opposite of that particular fruit in us and in our children. Then he gives exposition of the Scriptures’ teaching on that “fruit.” Finally, he offers practical suggestions on how to help children be shaped by Scripture and the Spirit rather than by opposing cultural influences. This book has been a great encouragement in my own sanctification and growth as a father. I recommend it highly to anyone who is interested in building a truly Christian home.
– Jim Weidenaar, Westminster Bookstore staff

“Dr Sisemore’s clear, biblical theology is the anvil that has shaped and informed his own professional practice in child psychology. Avoiding the sentimentality of so much contemporary thinking, he is utterly realistic about the fallen-ness of human nature, yet equally sure of the richness of book personally, and as a pastor I recommend it warmly to all who want to nurture children in the true gospel faith. Digested and applied, it will help us to bring our children for Christ in a hostile world as he wants us to – in faith not fear.”
– Dr. William Philip, Minister, St Georges Tron Church, Glasgow, Scotland


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