The Right Kind of Change

Which minister among us would not want to see spiritual growth in our congregation. Yet what kind of change are we really trying to bring out in the lives of God’s people. In an article by Brad Waggoner, “Shifting Sand,” there is an interesting trend of growth being seen:

“We also found that a number of churchgoers are not operating with a biblical understanding of spiritual growth, but are defining spiritual growth by personal improvement. When asked to describe or illustrate evidence of their spiritual growth, we received comments like these:

— “I’m much calmer.”

— “I’m a better friend.”

— “I’m a better person and more caring.”

— “My marriage is better.”

— “I am better at running my household to care for my family; I made some changes to facilitate hospitality in our home.”

“I am more tolerant of people.”

— “There aren’t many outward ‘signs.’ The growth I experienced is manifested more on a personal level.”

Some of these are good things, but our hope was that they would not just grow better, they would grow deeper. And, it seems that more church attendees see spiritual growth as becoming a “better you,” not growing “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).


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