Latin, Latin

I am now in my first chapter on a lofty goal of trying to learn Latin on my own. It is a personal pursuit as a matter of fact, but it might be a helpful endeavor as I try to read classic literature in Latin. So this is where it begins. I am following a classic texbook for college level Latin published ca. 1960s. Written by Frederic M. Wheelock, the book is entitled, Latin: An Inroductory Course Based on Ancient Authors. The reason why I chose this book is simple: I have found a companion study for it. Paul Comeau’s Workbook for Wheelock’s Latin published in 1980 seems a good way to understand the textbook.

Chapter 1 deals with conjugations in the present infinitive, indicative, and inperative active. The first two verbs that I am putting into memory is laudare and monere (to praise and to advise, respectively). The conjugation is really simple (Spanish or Greek they do not matter):

laudo     I praise

laudas    you praise

laudat    he praises





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