Unplug Now: Sabbath-keeping

Among techies and techno-addicts in the secular world a movement has come to literally find a day so that they can be free from the computer screen, cellphone, blogosphere, etc. These people are calling it a “secular Sabbath.” In an article by Mark Bittman, he says, “I TOOK a real day off this weekend: computers shut down, cellphone left in my work bag, land-line ringer off. I was fully disconnected for 24 hours.”

If among the secular world, somehow a few people have realized the importance of taking a day off, Christians should all the more realize the importance of Sabbath-keeping. I’ve advocated this for a long time now. Among the Christians here in MM, and even seminary students, owning two cellphones has become a ubiquitous habit. Heed the Bible, take a break from all these techno-gadgets. Throw them away, switch them off. Get a grip of your life. DO not be enslaved by them. Take your Sabbath rest more seriously! Remember it is the Lord’s Day.

Why do we need to keep the Sabbath-rest?

Let me remind you again that it is a holy day. A day whereby we keep it for the Lord.

It is a day of rest. We need to rest from our labors, the day-to-day demands of life and find time to meditate on the goodness of God. Unplug yourself from all these.

It is a day to do good deeds. To share, to help to give.



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