Evolution Weekend

Why not celebrate Creation Sunday or weekend? For the past two years, scientists, educators and theologians (liberal) had brought Darwin’s theory of evolution to the church. This year, to coincide with Darwin’s birth anniversary on February 12, vigorous plans are taking place for an “evolution sunday” again. Resources like articles and Sunday messages are posted in the internet for use during this weekend. Titles like: “Three Reasons Christians Should Embrace Evolution,” “Use Bible to Teach God’s Word, Not Scientific Principles,” and many more.

History has shown that teaching and holding to a creationist view of the universe by fiat is somewhat absurd and outdated. Just a perusal of high school textbooks evinces this trend of embracing evolutionary theories. A few years ago the a group of Christian educators advancing the notion of “Intelligent Design” (ID) has been debunked as unscientific. And now, we have evolution weekend.

Where do we stand?

We categorically stand by the inerrant teaching of Scriptures regarding the record of the creation accounts in Genesis.

God is the Creator of the universe, the heavens and the earth, as well as the creatures of the earth, and human beings.

The purpose of this creation is for God’s glory alone. (Colossians 1:15-17)

We are moral beings, and the Scriptures teach that as a result of the Fall, we have fallen from grace and in need of salvation. We are sinners, and the Bible has shown the only way to a life of righteousness.


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