Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching

A preaching book in honor of R. Kent Hughes by Leland Ryken and Todd Wilson (editors). Here are more endorsements of this book.

Preach the Word

An excerpt from the introduction

Training Example

Who is responsible for training future preachers? When hearing this question, our thoughts tend to run toward the seminary. And not without good reason, since for over a century now, the seminary has been the primary conduit of formal ministerial training for pastors and preachers; and this situation is not likely to change anytime in the near future. So it is incumbent upon the church to think seriously about what seminary education ought to look like. To this end, Peter Jensen, dean of Moore College, Sydney, Australia, provides an incisive and sobering analysis of the state of seminary education today, bedeviled as it is by increasing fragmentation, specialization, and generalization. However, this is not simply a song of lament. Rather, the burden of Jensen’s essay is to challenge seminaries to prioritize the training of preachers amidst everything else they do. As Jensen contends, “It is the business of the whole faculty and the whole curriculum to produce preachers.” Or to put it concretely, the sermon is the aim of the seminary.”


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