The 95 Theses

Happy 489th Reformation Day! It is so sad that as we come closer to the first 500 years of the Reformation, we see the church and many believers have forgotten the essence of the 95 Theses. In fact, just ask any Christian today what it means, most probably he or she will shrug his/her head in ignorance. Ask Christian what October 31st signifies, the normal answer, would be the eve of All Saints’ Day or Halloween!

The 95 Theses:

The protagonist, Martin Luther, or vice versa, considered a fugitive.
The antagonist, the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope and indulgences.

What Martin Luther stands for: justification by faith alone, the material cause of the Reformation. Justification is the result of faith not works.

The Bondage of the Will. A very good argument against human freedom.

We have come a long way in our understanding of justification. May the church continue to defend and uphold this truth. Soli Deo Gloria.


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